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Revolving around the theme of a child being ignored on the issues, presumably minute, by their parents, the book "Stop. No!" portrays how well societal norms mould family norms. The plot of "Stop. No!" seems relatable, as most of us have faced a similar kind of issues that do not get any recognition, not even when it gets lethal.  In the book, Drishika's mother, like any other mother, plays a role that can make or break her child.

To know what she does, you will have to read the book. The book, apart from providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the protagonist's point of view. It further gives voice to the perspective of the antagonist.  The book cries out the pain which most of the women and kids face. This book not only tells a story but also awakens our sense to observe our surroundings.

Stop. No!

"A story of distrust and disbelief of Indian society. The title of the book “STOP. NO!” is not just a mere word- if understood, speaks of two dimensions. One for the generation gap of Parent-Child in families parents not having wish to communicate or share their thoughts with children and the others speak of incidents where women face direct negligence from society at large keeping the attributes of Status, Prestige, Education, and Grace in the eyes of society as the parameters of judgment." - News Sense

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The context of a dysfunctional family is portrayed in a way to show that, in an Indian family status is given much more importance than a child facing distress in life as it is quoted by the writer “Maa, why is that I sense something pricking every time I sit on Mamai’s lap but nothing when I sit on yours?” “Hush, do not talk rubbish!” – A mindset which needs to be corrected and developed for good...

- News Sense
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Reader's reviews

A Story of Introspection without a possible Conclusion

This book speaks much about Silence as a lethal weapon which disrupts a person from within to such extent where no other than the victim herself can help prevent a hollow gap between her and the world.

Stop. No! by Smita D Talukdar
Utsav Chatterjee Journalist

Engaging Book With Live Like Characters

I bought this a few days ago. After a long time, I read something worth my time. Such powerful themes are dealt with excellence in the book. The intriguing plot along with the relatable narrative makes this book a wonderful read.

Stop. No! by Smita D Talukdar
Anonymous Reader

Intriguing Plot

The plot of the book is intriguing enough to have been able to keep me hooked throughout the read. With so many thought-provoking issues dealt with in this book with such ease and refinement, this book has got me into thinking about the major issues in our lives. Great book indeed and will recommend it to all book lovers.

Stop. No! by Smita D Talukdar
Summer G. Stroup Reader